Imagine being an actor or actress on the set of a Star Wars movie. A Star Wars movie! Wookies and lightsabers and stormtroopers, it’s all right there! This is the moment where the imagination of anyone who’s ever seen a Star Wars flick runs rampant.

Indeed, this is the very thing that affected prequel actors Hayden Christensen and Ewan McGregor when they were filming the climactic Anakin/Obi-Wan duel for Revenge of the Sith, and the two couldn’t stop making the swishing and clashing sounds of their lightsabers as they trained and filmed. It took George Lucas to tell them that they didn’t need to make the sound effects, that they’d be edited in post-production, and that the actors were essentially ruining the shot when they went “swoosh swoosh!”.  

Separating filmmaking and the Star Wars galaxy is a tough thing for anyone to do when immersed in that world, and it’s the very thing that Laura Dern experienced during filming of The Last Jedi. While her character wasn’t exactly an action hero, Dern— who played Resistance leader Vice Admiral Holdo — did have her chance to fire off a real, authentic Star Wars blaster. Her problem wasn’t making it look believable….her problem was withholding from making the “pew pew” sounds that anybody would be prone to making! It even ended up making it into the final cut:

While neither The Last Jedi nor Laura Dern’s Holdo were well-received amongst a large array of fans, it’s always refreshing to know that, despite any shortcomings in the film or performances, the people behind and in front of the cameras still have a true passion for what they’re creating.

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